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A trained professional in Psychological Counselling practicing since 2012 . I work with individuals across age groups, cultures and nationalities . Currently my client base includes people from India, Hongkong, Japan, UK, Canada, USA, South Africa, UAE and Singapore. Empathy and the human experience is the single common thread that binds us all and I am deeply grateful to every individual who has made this journey so enriching. 

As an Intimacy Coordinator I bring to film sets that are shooting scenes of intimacy in addition to my training my expertise as a counsellor who understands human emotions, vulnerability and can help provide a respectful brave space to work in. I work as an ally for actors advocating for their consent and boundaries. And I work with production and actors to bring the director's vision to screen . Choreographing unique scenes of intimacy that tell the character's story and assuring all international protocols and guidelines are followed to respect the actors boundaries and comfort. 


For children and minors in film I am a chaperone who advocates for the safety of the child and assures the child actor is protected and kept safe in an age appropriate manner while filming.

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