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Parinaz Aga

Psychological Counselor and Intimacy Coordinator

Practicing counsellor since 2012.

Work with individuals across age groups. Areas of work include, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, adjustment, parenting, sex education, anger, goal setting, task management and other challenges that one may face in different developmental stages of life. 

Certified Intimacy Coordinator since 2023.

Advocating for actors consent and boundaries. Ensuring adherence to international guidelines and protocols for filming scenes of intimacy. Choreography for intimate scenes . Liaising with the production and talent to realise the directors vision with clear communication and consent. Intimate scenes are defined as any scenes that include nudity, simulated sex , kissing between minors, hyper-sexuality, dance item numbers , scenes with sensitive content like sexual or physical violence, rape, assault. Scenes where a minor is being exposed to vulnerable content and needs a chaperone on set . 


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Master of Arts (Developmental Counselling and Guidance)
SNDT University


Bachaelor of Arts (Economics)
Mumbai University

2 year full time degree with a year of supervised work as an intern counsellor. Subjects of study included Research Methodology, Psychological Testing, Abnormal Psychology, Maladaptive Behaviour, Counselling Approaches, Education and Career Psychology and Guidance and Psychology of Family Relations.

3 year full time Bachelors degree with Honours credits in Economics at St Xaviers College , Mumbai. 


TIL x IPA Certified Intimacy Coordinator 

A six month long certification program taught by the pioneer in intimacy coordination, Aastha Khanna, and guest lectures by Amanda Blumenthal and Sara Arrhusius, that equips one to work as an Intimacy Coordinator on set and stage as required by SAG -AFTRA

Foundations of Positive Psychology 
University of Pennsylvania 

Positive Psychology
University of North Carolina at Chapel hill

Positive Psychology Applications and Intervention
University of Pennsylvania

An online non-credit course equipping you with the understanding of Martin Seligman's visionary science of Positive Psychology. Taught by Martin Seligman. 

An online non-credit course taught by Barbara Freidrikson who teaches about her broaden and build theory of positive emotions and how to incorporate it into daily living

An online non-credit course taught by James Pawelski, examining the philosophy, research dimensions and applications of positive interventions  that can be used in counselling and therapy

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